Car Bumper Repair

Car Bumper Repair

Cracked, Split, Scuffed Bumpers

Given the job that a car bumper is designed for, it's not surprising that car bumpers get bumped! The effect of a bump on a car bumper can range from a small dent or scratch to splits and cracks. In some cases the bumper can even become detached from the car.

With many modern cars the front/rear bumpers are often integral parts of the bodywork, extending to cover lower wings, upper wheel arches and front grills. Car body-shops will often quote for a replacement bumper panel and a panel respray at a significant cost.

A damaged car bumper, like any damaged car body panel can look ugly and can significantly reduce a cars resale value. My typical cost for repairing a damaged car bumper is a fraction of the value lost on a vehicle by leaving it in a damaged state.

Whether its a bumper slit, dent or crack, plastic or metal bumper, I can repair it to as good as new for you at a time and location that's convenient for you. Whatever the condition of your car bumper, give me a call first before you consider taking it to a car body shop.

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Split Bumpers

car bumper split repair

Splits normally occur in plastic bumpers when the impact stresses overwhelm the mechanical stress limits of the plastic.

Plastic bumpers are the most prone to splitting, given their nature to deform during the absorption of impact energy. The heat generated during impact can leave the plastic bumper permanently reshaped.

Detached Bumpers

detached car bumper split repair

Car bumpers and their fittings are designed to take horizontal impact damage. When there is a vertical component to the impact the small fittings often fail leading to the bumper hanging or becoming detached from fastening positions that may also have become damaged. Please note that it is dangerous to drive your car with a partially detached bumper.

Scuffed Bumpers

scuffed car bumper repair

Car bumper scuffs/scratches are probably the most common form of car bumper damage. Given modern car design that removes line of sight of edges of a car from the driver, its easy to mis-judge clearances. After near misses from other careless drivers, we are often relieved that 'it is just the bumper', but with todays modern cars bumper damage is now a car body panel damage.

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