Car Scratch/Scuff Repair

Car Dent Repair

Scratch Repair/Removal

Regardless of how well we drive anybody can get a scratch or scuff on their car body, many times it's not even our fault: returning to our parked car can often leave us feeling distraught at the sight of shopping trolley scratches, scuffs & scrapes from other car doors or worse.

If there's one thing that looks ugly on a car, it's a scratch/scuff. Furthermore these can have a huge impact on the resale value of a car.

In the past car scratch repair would require a trip to a car body shop to be fixed. This would involve body repair with filler, often followed by a partial respray. Today I can offer mobile scratch/scuff repair at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever the condition of your car body, give me a call first before you consider taking it to a car body shop.

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Car Park Scratches/Scuffs

Car park dent

Car park scratches are normally:

  • Door Scratches
  • Bumper Scuffs
  • Wing Scratches

Parking Mishaps

Car Park Mishap

Scratches/scuffs that we cause when parking our cars can be the most annoying, especially when what we hit is hidden!

Scuffs caused by others while parking next to your car are common.

Car Body Scratches

Car panel scuff repair

Scratching your car while parking or manoeuvring in tight spaces

  • Scuffs that just break the paintwork
  • Can cause body panel to become malformed
  • Scratched can be deep & down to the metal

Minor Accident Damage

Minor accident damage repair

Not all accident damage needs to be taken to a car body shop, in many cases SMART repair is more than suitable.

The cost of a SMART repair can often be cheaper than your insurance excess payment.

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