Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

Why Machine Polish?

Regardless of how often or how well you polish your car, over time it will loose that new showroom look/gleam.

Why Does this Happen?

The paint on your your car is a complex laminated structure made up of many layers, the three main layers being: primer; pigment/base; clear/lacquer. Each of these layers serve a purpose: The primer layer protects the metal of the car body; The pigment/base coat provides the colour; The clear/lacquer layer provides for such as UV protection & scratch resistance.

The exterior of a car is exposed to many elements: Sunlight; Acid rain; Bird droppings, not to mention scratching and the constant motion of washing & polishing products. Given all of teh afore its not surprising that the look of any cars exterior degrades over time.

While washing & normal polishing can help, they only delay the inevitable of colour fade, fine scratches, swirls and other imperfections in your car body.

Whatever the condition of your car body, give me a call first before you consider tackling these issues yourself.

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Colour Fading

colour fading

Colour fading can be caused by a number of factors such as the UV protective qualities of the clear layer breaking down and/or paint oxidisation. Prolonged parking in direct sunlight does not help.


car paintwork swirls

Swirls are caused by poor washing/drying & polishing techniques. The light scratching are in the top clear coat. Older car washers can cause swirls due to teh hard nature of their wash heads.


paintwork etching

Paintwork etching damage is caused by corrosion by an acidic substance such as bird droppings or acidic rain. Such damage can be repaired by an experienced machine polisher.


paintwork hologram

Paintwork holograms are usually caused by poor machine polishing & should serve as a reminder that machine polishing is not as simple as it may appear to be.

Fine Scratches

paintwork light scratching

Fine scratches are more linear that swirls, leaving a light scratch effect normally within the top clear coat. Machine polishing is an ideal solution for removing these fine scratches from car paintwork.


paintwork oxidisation

Car paintwork oxidisation is caused when moisture penetrates the top coat and corrodes the colour pigment. When it first starts it normally shows as lighter milky patches across the effected area.

Water Spots

paintwork water spot damage

Water spots are causes by impurities within water drops that have been left to dry on the car body. The extend of the damage is subject to the nature of the impurities which can be sensitive to the local. Acid rain is one such culprit.

Deep Scratches

paintwork deep scratch repair

Deep scratching can sometimes be removed by using machine polishing, although other SMART repair technologies may have to be used in conjunction.

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