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Minor accident damage repair

What is SMART Repair

Small, Medium Area Repair Techniques: SMART. As you can imagine that initial definition can cover a multitude of different car damage types. While most damage to a car is done to the car body, SMART repairs can also include such as alloy wheels, headlights, interior trim etc.

Another characteristic of SMART repairs is the ability to have work done via a mobile service. Mobile service provides for two of the main advantages of mobile SMART repair over traditional car body shops: Cost and Repair Turnaround Time.

With advances in material technologies, mobile repair equipment and advances in repair techniques, you will be surprised what a SMART repair technician can accomplish at a fraction of the cost of traditional car body shops.

More often than not, choosing SMART really is the 'smart' decision in terms of repair cost and repair turnaround time. Give me a call before you opt for a car body shop.

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Headlight Refurbishment

headlight restoration Nottingham

Over time such as acid rain, oxidisation and minor particle abrasion dull the headlight lenses of all vehicles. This dulling will make any car look old and worn, reducing both its aesthetic appearance and its resale value.

With an array of modern chemical and mechanical solutions a SMART technician can restore car headlight lens covers to as new condition

Rust Repair

car body rust repair

Being made from steel, it's inevitable that a car body will rust when exposed to the elements.

Rust normally first shows its presence via small bubbles in the paintwork. These bubbles are a result of the underlying oxidisation of the metal.

Its important to understand that the extent of surface rust bubbles rarely relates to the full extent of the corrosion.

Lease, Rental, Motability

Motability car body repair

Cars that are: Leased, Rented or Motability supplied often bare a cost if returned damaged. The term 'fair ware & tare' has many interpretations between suppliers, leading to potential losses of £100's.

These minor scrapes & scratches can be economically removed at a fraction of the cost of potential losses before you return your lease, rental, motability car.

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